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Dribble rash

What is dribble rash?

Dribble rash is red blotchy rash on the neck and chest which appears when the skin comes into contact with saliva. When a baby is teething, the gums produce extra saliva which lubricates the gums in preparation for the milk teeth to emerge. Dribble rash / teething rash can be very uncomfortable for your baby.

How can I prevent dribble rash?

If teething is making your baby dribble more than usual, the NHS advise frequently wiping baby's chin and face to keep the area clean and dry. They also suggest that it may be useful for baby to sleep on an absorbant sheet.

Can Sa-Be Bandana Dribble Bibs help prevent dribble rash?

Using Sa-Be dribble bibs helps to keep baby's neck and chest dry. While they will not help with dribble rash on the face, they can help to prevent dribble rash on the neck and upper chest. All babies are different and while we know our dribble bibs to be helpful in many cases, we always advise speaking to a qualified health professional for advise should your baby be suffering with severe dribble rash.

Safety Information

Our bandana dribble bibs fasten with just one nickel free popper fastener and are designed to NOT fit too snugly around your baby's neck. Our bibs will actually fit round an adults neck, so shouldnt ever be too tight on your baby. Our well tested clever design catches dribble and keeps it away from baby's skin, without it needing to be tight against a child's neck. As with any bib, please do not leave the bib on when your young baby is unsupervised, and always ensure you remove the bib before putting baby down to sleep.